Mail services exclusively for the legal fraternity. In Any business or profession, the dress and address always makes a difference. The email address always signifies an identity for professional from legal fraternit y. The doma in is over 18 years old that provides a credibility of existence on web. with a very high-end web interface serves a perfect identity as an email address that itself endorsed to provide the professional identity to advocates. The service aims to provide various features integrated with the email service to manage various task and activities of the advocates. So this is not only an email service with professional identity for advocates, but also a personal office organizer on cloud.

Lawyers and professional from legal fraternity can always establish their professional identity over email by using Just like any business or corporate house use email id for corporate identification (@companyidentity), Advocates too can have more professional identity, if email address is There are various free email services that are used by professional to school kids and spammers, such email free email service can never establish a professional identity of any person. While interacting over free email service like gmail, Yahoo, rediffmail, hotmail, etc becomes difficult to establish professional identity. The domain was registered in the year 2001. The company had the fore sight that in future, email will be one of the most used services on internet.

As the awareness and usage of email service progressed, is being re-launced with a very high-end feature rich paid email service exclusive for advocates globally. The domain name is a self established name that identifies advocate and mail. The impact of the domain name advocatemail.comon an identity of an advocate is a heavy weight.


The prime objective is to overcome the disadvantages with free email services. Not just the disadvantages with free email services, the p r i m e o b j e c t i v e o f is to establish a professional identity of a advocates on web. This is attained by using hav ing a doma in name that itself signifies an Advocate with mail and provides a default  signature emailid as