Professional Identity With Email Address

Professional Identity With Email Address is feature rich email service for exculsive for the legal fraternity. The email service for advocates with a tag line of  "Dress and Address Makes The Difference" . Every licensed advocate Name is with the initials Adv Advocate Name, just to associate the profession with the email address. Not just the name but there is a dress code for licensed advocates that identifies their professiona as an licensed advocate. 

As email now is most commonly used mode of interaction.But as on date, there is no email service that can provide professional identity to a licensed advocate. is the only mail service that provides the professional identity of an advocate. An advocate with an email address as yourname@gmail, yourname@yahoo, yourname@rediff, yourname@anyfreemail, etc can never provide a professional identity for an advocate associated with their email address. On the contrary, is self explanatory profession.