Task Manager

Task Manager

When You've got a few things to do.. you create a to-do list and get cracking, right???

Many of us (most of us?) have turned away from the pen and paper notebook of old and use task management use software, to-do list apps, and project management software to stay organized. Some of them combine all three: to-do lists, plus a task manager, plus project management–it just depends on how you use it!

To keep things simple with ease of use have integrated task management utility integrated with the email. The task management plugin enables the email user of to be always on the fly as all task in cloud. More than just task it always has reminder features that can be custom set.

When people are on web most of them are in a hurry, This is perfect for creating tasks in a hurry. You can take track time, manage emails and create tasks no matter where you are on the Web.

As an office organizer tool for Advocates, the task management tool is easy to use and keep life simple