Pruthviraj Jadhav

Pruthviraj Jadhav

A mail service exclusively for legal fraternity, Wow! Finally a mail service that can really identify my professional associated with my email address. After using the email service, some of the features that i find on is so stunning-- Highlighting email with color codes. Moreover, I always wanted an email address with my name, but i could never get on various free mail service and it had to come with numbers associated with my name (gmail). Furthermore, it’s great to see this email service with an online directory to promote advocate with their professional profile. The praise for advocatemail doesn’t end here, when i upgraded my account from a free advocate profile on the directory service to paid email service i was surprised to receive their promotional package where i got a professional website for me to post blogs and the services offered on my personal website.

Managing my personal website on is so easy. The admin control panel of the website, the user friendly interface makes it so easy for me to manage the content on my website.

I’m thankful to, for providing me a professional identity with my email address and does exemplifies that I’m a proud advocate